Duration: Up to 45 minutes Grade 2: Introductory / Moderate
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On this tour, you will have exclusive access to climb Currie Lighthouse, where you’ll climb the 93 spiral steps to the top, to catch an endless view across the sea. 

Get your camera ready: with this incredible, uninterrupted view, nowhere does a sunset quite like the top of Currie Lighthouse!

When you’re finished, don’t forget to stroll next door to explore the Museum and learn about the island’s rich history.

Please note that we will need a minimum of 4 people. In the interests of safety the wearing of enclosed shoes is mandatory.  Sorry, no thongs, sandals or high heels. 

We currently don't have any Lighthouse tours scheduled, but please use the Trip Enquiry button to send us a message with your preferred dates and we will try to accommodate you.

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Please wear enclosed and reasonably flat shoes. Please no thongs, sandals, or high heels. As a precaution any items in open pockets will have to be left at the bottom or placed in the guides backpack for the climb. If you are wearing clothes with zip pockets you will be able to keep the items with you during the climb so long as they are secure. We also ask that all head wear and eye wear worn be secured to avoid if being dropped.

At the start of the tour your guide will explain the safety requirements and give you an opportunity to climb and descend a few stairs as a test run. If you are unsure and don’t wish to attempt the climb, our guide will be happy to talk of the structure and history from ground level at the completion of your group’s climb.

The staircase is narrow and there are 93 steps before the first landing. It is a spiral staircase with handrail, and there is a void through the middle. The staircase is solid, though you can see through the treads.

Sorry, at this stage, access to the deck is not possible. However, the view through the windows is 180 degrees and unimpeded.

Children are allowed but they must be supervised by an adult. Children must be able to climb the stairs unassisted. The narrow staircase would prevent adults from carrying children.

For sure. Hopefully the windows will be clean. The guide might request that they carry your phone or camera up and down the staircase.

The tour will be up to 45 minutes duration. The group will enter and exit the lighthouse together. There is no toilet in the lighthouse. In other words, you will have to do your best to hold on.

The tour will require guests to be reasonably fit, mobile, and comfortable with heights.

The staircase is narrow and there are 93 steps before the first landing. The staircase is solid, though you can see through the treads.

After the first landing there are two additional staircases of 10 steps each.
People with a fear of heights may find the climb and/or descent intimidating. The nature of the structure would inhibit an ability to be carried down the spiral staircase. Any evacuation may require a person to be escorted, or emergency services would be engaged.