Grading System

Walks are classified on a 5-point grading system. The classifications are based on the Australian Walking Track Standard, the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Track Classification System and industry practice. The grading system considers:

  • Track Conditions
  • Duration
  • Intensity

Grade 1


Suitable for people with a disability or wheelchair with assistance. No hiking experience required as trails have a flat even surface with no steps or steep sections. Hikes generally less than 5km.


Grade 2

Introductory / Moderate

Suitable for most ages and moderate fitness levels. Hikers may be required to carry a light day pack for a half or full day walk. Most of the walk will be on flat but exposed terrain but there may be some sections that are on unmodified track. Walkers may encounter some sections of rocky coastline and/or fence crossings.


Grade 3


These walks suit those with good fitness who are ready for the challenge of a day walk. During these full day walks hikers may be required to carry a full day pack. The routes will be in remote exposed areas. Generally, the routes will follow tracks or beaches but there may be short sections of steep unformed track, rocky coastline, and fence crossings.


Grade 4

Moderate / Challenging

These full day walks are suitable for those with good fitness and hiking experience. Hikers may be required to carry a full day pack and be challenged by steep or unmodified sections of track in remote exposed locations. Track conditions may vary and include unformed tracks and various obstacles.


Grade 5


Suitable for the experience bushwalker. Hikers will need to have excellent fitness that will allow them to carry a pack up 20 kg for an extended overnight hike. Be ready to encounter adverse conditions in exposed isolated areas. Track conditions may vary and include unformed tracks and various obstacles.

"We had a wonderful time on our King Island walk. The guides were knowledgeable and we experienced King Island from a new perspective. Thank you Ian."

Amanda, Melbourne

"A great walk on the wild side. We liked the food too!"

Darcy, Geelong