King Island Walks

Take a walk on the wild side

King Island sits between Tasmania and mainland Australia.

It faces the Roaring 40’s head-on. You can sense its defiance as you explore the island’s untouched beauty, captivating charm and dramatic history. Simultaneously, it is hard and rugged, majestic and beautiful.

You’ve not been anywhere like here before.


Local Knowledge

With over 40 years of living on King Island and running outdoor education programs, our knowledge and love of this place run deep. And because we’re locals, we’ve secured exclusive access to a range of experiences, just for you.


Experienced Guides

Our company and guides are experienced and passionate, so you’re in the best of hands. Professionalism and personalised attention combine so you can deeply engage in the dark history of shipwrecks, local flora and fauna, the isolated and innovative way of life for the locals, and more.


Unforgettably Distinct

Let King Island Walks be your gateway to this remarkable island. With our premium, expertly curated walks and tours, you can seize the opportunity to explore. Whether you’re an avid trekker or you like to stroll, step beyond the ordinary trails and immerse yourself in a King Island experience like no other.

"We had a wonderful time on our King Island walk. The guides were knowledgeable and we experienced King Island from a new perspective. Thank you Ian."

Amanda, Melbourne

"A great walk on the wild side. We liked the food too!"

Darcy, Geelong